• St. Cyril Cougars

Parking Lot Safety - New Procedure

Dear Parents,

In the interest of safety, we are implementing a new parking lot procedure for drop-offs and pick-ups for our school's parking lot and the large, northwest lot.

The problems:

1) Traffic backs up from our lot into northbound Swan road. This is unsafe and will invariably lead to a collision.

2) Especially at times close to the tardy bell, students run through both parking lots at the same time as incoming daily Mass traffic and traffic from families running late for school. We have had some near-misses which require us to make revisions.

Beginning this week, the double gate on the northwest corner of Cougar field will be open. All students, not using the Mountain View entrance will use this gate to enter our campus. It is safer for the students to cross the field than the parking lot. At the same time, the gate location encourages parents to pull forward , away from Swan road and should reduce our back-up.

Parents who choose to walk-in their students(s) from the parking lot, should use the double gate entry. Once leaving their child, they may use any convenient exit.

At the end of school, we would like to use the same double gates on Cougar field for pick-ups. Again, we are hoping to reduce cars backed-up into northbound Swan and a safer access to cars.

Thank you for your assistance with the new procedures