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Saint Cyril School - Update October 23, 2021

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Dear Saint Cyril Families and Friends,

Saint Cyril School is cautiously enriching our day-to-day curriculum with the return of field trips, special days such as the parade of costumes, and other activities and events that students and families look forward to. With 95 outbreaks reported from Pima County Schools as of October 22, the challenge is to remain true to our goal of keeping students learning in-person by avoiding transmission of the virus while safely and deliberately providing enjoyable experiences.

Today’s update is to help families navigate the newest steps forward. Approaching these steps with integrity and universal acceptance will keep Saint Cyril students learning, growing and healthy on campus and in community.

  • Based on recommendations from the Diocese and the Pima County Health Department, the Saint Cyril School Board advised adoption of a Field Trip Policy (attached) related to Covid-19 mitigation. The policy was approved by Fr. Paul Henson, Pastor and made effective. Please note that off-campus rules for wearing facial masks and pre-trip Covid-19 testing, along with other mitigation steps, will be implemented.

  • As Title I tutoring begins, eligible students will be tutored by TUSD employed teachers. TUSD teachers are required to implement TUSD mitigation policy when instructing Saint Cyril students, including the mandated use of facial masks.

  • The unexpected and unplanned quarantining of students who are “close contacts” with a positive Covid-19 tested case disrupts family and school routines. Saint Cyril School is investigating newly formulated opportunities for students to avoid at-home quarantine with a program designated as “Test to Stay.” Initial information on the program is attached. Saint Cyril School is approaching the benchmarks for participating in the program, perhaps on a single classroom pilot basis to begin. More to follow.

  • Saint Cyril students have successfully avoided transmission of the disease over the past few months. There is a notable complacency emerging from that success that can only lead to a greater risk of outbreaks and the consequences of those outbreaks. A renewed emphasis on the many mitigation steps will help to stay on the path of in-person instruction for all. Washing hands, disinfecting surfaces, physical distancing, and attending to parental decisions on mask wearing and Covid-19 testing remain effective in the reduction of transmission.

Saint Cyril School families have avoided the rhetoric and controversial discourse found at other locations while focusing on taking the appropriate measures to keep students on campus and learning in-person. While others have expressed concerns about the validity and accuracy of recommendations while disrupting the education of their children, Saint Cyril has chosen to put aside technicalities

and controversy in favor of moving forward together safely and effectively. Thank you to all!