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At St. Cyril we pride ourselves in offering the best complete education. Our departmental structure provides students several benefits including subject-specific teaching, cross-curriculum, a variety of environments, and time independence.

Curriculum design is the result of planning and study by faculty and administration. The Diocesan School Office provides guidelines that incorporate the requirements as set by the Arizona State Department of Public Instruction.​

Student Learning Expectations

Every classroom incorporates the school’s SLEs or Student Learning Expectations. The students learn the skills to be:

  • Active Christians

  • Life-long Learners

  • Effective Communicators

  • Responsible Citizens

  • Self-aware individuals


Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit is a program that strives to guide students in their decision-making process with the realization that with every choice comes a consequence. Each month the school highlights and celebrates a Fruit of the Spirit.

Discipline with a Purpose (DWP)

Discipline with a Purpose is premised on the Catholic Christian beliefs of the inherent goodness and value of every person. Each student is a child of God and as His cherished creation, deserves our respect and consideration.

The fifteen disciplines are:
(1.) Listening
(2.) Following Instructions
(3.) Questioning
(4.) Sharing: Time, Space, People, and Things
(5.) Exhibiting Social Skills
(6.) Cooperating with Others
(7.) Understanding the Reason for Rules
(8.) Independently Completing a Task
(9.) Exhibiting Leadership
(10.) Communicating Effectively
(11.) Organizing: Time, Space, People, Things
(12.) Resolving Mutual Problems
(13.) Taking the Initiative in Problem Solving
(14.) Distinguishing Fact From Feeling
(15.) Sacrificing/Serving Others.

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