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PALS Board

Dear Wonderful St. Cyril of Alexandria School Families,


It is a blessing to be part of such a great community! We wanted to take some time to share information and invite your partnership in resetting our PALS (Parents Active in Learning Situations) Program. Our school would not be what it is without all of You! 


Why is the PALS Board important?

The PALS Board is an essential pillar to St. Cyril School. It provides support to all programs that benefit students. The uniqueness comes from the many ways parents and the school work together. With the support of our incredible families, we are able to run the following activities throughout the school year:

  • Ice Cream Social

  • Auction Event

  • Apex Fun Run 

  • Spring Jubilee

  • PALS Movie Night

Why should you be a PALS Volunteer?

Being a PALS volunteer is a great way to be part of our unique community. Working and meeting other wonderful St. Cyril parents fosters our bond in creating a strong environment for our children.  We encourage you to learn about our diverse opportunities to be involved in whatever way is possible and matching for your family. An added benefit is working alongside our wonderful faculty and staff and witnessing how they cherish our students.

In addition to the PALS Board we also have volunteer positions in the classroom, during lunch, for specific department events, to do bulletin boards, help organize and chaperone field trips, and for the St. Cyril church's needs.

How does the PALS system work?

  • PALS software for signups is Changes can be made here.

  • If you previously selected to pay the Service Substitution Fee, this will continue to be your election unless you sign up for a position.

  • Families that have not signed up for a PALS position will automatically be charged the Service Substitution Fee via FACTS (Renweb).


How to register for a new account or sign in to your existing account:

  1. View the PALS sign ups at

  2. Click "View Sign Ups"(in blue) in each row to see the specific sign up

  3. When you are on a sign up, select the role you want with a check mark and then scroll to the bottom to add your contact information if not already inputted.

  4. Click "Submit" and you're all set.

  5. Login to your PTOffice profile by visiting, and view your, contact information, update passwords, and review PALS sign ups.

  6. Any questions on volunteering - please email


What is required to be a PALs volunteer?

Three step process:

Step 1 - Every PALs volunteer (new and existing) is required to complete the easy online Catholic Mutual Group training.

Step 2 - Everyone new to PALs - Complete diocese application and fingerprint background check for Category A Clearance.

Step 3- After you are cleared you will receive a Compliance Number. (You will use this number when applying for your position(s) online at


Step 1 - How do Diocese I complete the CMG training?

  1. Diocese of Tucson Safe Environment site is

  2. Follow the registration process and select “St. Cyril of Alexandria School” 

  3. Choose the role which is:  HIGH LEVEL VOLUNTEER.  

  4. Training includes a video and question section, required forms and acknowledging all the legal notifications.  

  5. Instructional video if needed:


Step 2 - How do I become Category A compliant?

  1. Only for families new to PALs volunteering. Many existing families are already Step 2 compliant.

  2. Please visit:

  3. Scroll down to “School Volunteer Opportunities”

  4. Select Volunteer - “School Family - St. Cyril of Alexandria School (K-8)”

  5. Click “Apply for this position” and “Continue”

  6. Once you apply please bring in a fingerprint card and payment of 12.50 for a background check processing fee within one week.

Looking forward to having a full year of volunteering and events that make St. Cyril so wonderful!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at


The PALS Board

George Bon

Julia Rebert

Krista DeAngelis

Roberto Moreno

Liz Browne

Amy Loney

Tricia Sztan

Luis Gamez

Jennifer Buchanan

PALS Board Immediate Past President

New Family Ambassador Coordinator

PALS Board Member at Large

PALS Board Position Coordinators

PALS Board Position Coordinators

PALS Board President

PALS Board Secretary

PALS Board Treasurer

PALS Board Member at Large

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