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Mission Statement & Philosophy


St. Cyril of Alexandria School, with the support of parents and St. Cyril of Alexandria Parish, prepares our

students spiritually, academically, and socially to take personal responsibility for a lifetime of faith, learning, leadership, and service.


- In Following our Lord, Jesus Christ
- In the Uniqueness of Every Child
- In Strong Academics
- In Parental Involvement
- And in Service to One Another



St. Cyril of Alexandria School is a community of faith which believes in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. St.
Cyril of Alexandria School is dedicated to providing quality education and to fostering a lifelong love of
learning and service to others rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The school recognizes parents as the child’s first and primary educators and shares with them the responsibility of developing in each student a meaningful relationship with God. Faith is reflected through mutual

respect for one another and recognition of the need to serve the community. The student is celebrated as an

individual while also recognized as a member of the community. By working together, the parents and educators enable the student to reach their potential. By developing self-discipline students begin to recognize their self-worth and to see life as a series of choices and changes. Through self-reliance and self-discipline,
the student is prepared to have confidence in their ability to live a successful and happy life rooted in faith.
Fostering such growth requires academic excellence through relevant curriculum, recognition of individual

needs, and development of technology skills needed for today’s society. Membership in the faith community coupled with spiritual instruction, opportunity for service, and modeling of values leads to an awareness

of the student’s connection to the global community and challenges each student to allow the Holy Spirit to
guide their actions toward the greater good.

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